Watch Oprah’s Tour of Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch


In her sixth-to-last episode, Oprah clinched a rare interview with Ralph Lauren at his Colorado ranch. At the top of the show, Ralph — denim resplendent in perfectly worn-in jeans and jean jacket — hops off a horse and into a mint green vintage Jeep with Oprah. As they drive miles down a fence-lined road toward the family's living quarters, Oprah wonders, "Is that teak wood?" Why, yes. Then they make a quick stop at a small colony of hand-painted tepees where extra-special RL guests can sleep. (Oprah once bunked in one of the ranch's private cabins, apparently.) Sitting down on a Navajo blanket, Oprah looks around and says, sounding slightly verklempt, "I could be so happy here." Us, too, O. Us, too. Watch the video for more.