Alexander Wang Once Bleached His Eyebrows; Kate Middleton Was Spotted Buying Nivea Moisturizer

• The new issue of Zoo has two covers, one with Karen Elson and one with Julia Stegner, who's laughing hard at something. Possibly her curled bangs? [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Alexander Wang once bleached his eyebrows (seemingly as part of his last Halloween costume) but then called colorist Lena Ott a day later for advice and help on restoring them to their natural color. [Vogue Daily]

• Gillette used nanotechnology to write tiny, tiny brand slogans out on an actual single beard hair as part of a new ad campaign. Then they shaved off all that hard work with one of their razors, which seems a little silly, but oh well. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Before attending a gala dinner last week, Kate Middleton was spotted at the British high-street beauty store Boots, where she's reported to have bought some Nivea moisturizer. So too bad if you use it, too, because it'll now be sold out everywhere, always. [Telegraph UK]

• Fun (or ridiculous, depending on your outlook) fact: Jennifer Lopez's new scent for HSN is her sixteenth fragrance. Clearly a Pokemon-style "gotta smell them all" catchphrase is in the works. [Racked]