Betsey Johnson’s Assistant Happily Goes to Work in a Slip and Lets Betsey Take Her to Parties on a Leash

Stephanie and Betsey at the ballet. Photo: Amber De Vos/@Patrick McMullan

Betsey Johnson's assistant is Stephanie Wagenman, a 28-year-old Austin native and ex-ballerina. She interned at Betsey Johnson for two years while she was going to design school and teaching ballet before Betsey offered her the assistant job. For a lengthy questionnaire for Daily Front Row's feature where assistants talk about making restaurant reservations and GNC runs for their top New York fashion-people bosses, Wagenman posed reclined on a glass table wearing a loud outfit consisting of patterned gray leggings with a matching poufy-shouldered jacket and sky-high platform stiletto pumps. But wearing clothes is a big part of her job; when she's not doing grunty work like organizing Betsey's sketches or posing in clothes for Betsey's website, Betsey is trying to throw clothes on her

I am wearing a slip right now! I have great Betsey clothes in my closet at home, but it’s just pointless to put much effort into what I show up in. While I'm here, I change at least 50 times a day. Around the office, they call me Mowgli, like the character in The Jungle Book, because I run around in my underwear between fittings. I don’t even care—I’m like the least modest person in the world.

There are times when the job gets less fun and more tedious, such as when technology must be used.

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