Lady Gaga Has Blue Armpit Hair; a Man Sued a Nail Salon for Charging Him an Extra Dollar

Photo: George Pimentel/2011 George Pimentel

• Lady Gaga debuted blue armpit hair at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto this weekend. You know, to match the hair on her head. [Us]

• And is maybe also bald, although probably not really. [Refinery29]

• Blake Lively is transitioning from titian-colored back to blonde in time for Gossip Girl, her hairstylist Rona O'Connor confirmed. "It was the plan from the beginning to create a red that I could layer in with multiple hues so that when it faded out, it would still look good along the way." [Us]

• A man in Maryland is suing his local nail salon for $200,000 because they charge men an extra dollar for manicures (women pay $9, men pay $10). His lawyer likened his plight to that of Rosa Parks: "Rosa Parks paid the same amount of money but was required to sit in the back of the bus. My client paid more money for less services." [HuffPo]