Crazy Cat Lady-dom Reaches New Heights With Naomi Campbell’s Givenchy Ad


Few things in fashion can we always get behind. Drop-crotch pants were a flirtation, but never a serious commitment (or even a one-night stand, let's be honest). Looking filmy and tattered like a good hipster was a long-term relationship, but hardly a lifelong partnership, certainly not a marriage. The place in the heart for truly enduring affections is small, but not vacant. Cats have been there all along, and meowing quietly to our souls for some time, but also quite loudly to many in fashion since Miuccia Prada showed cat prints in her spring 2010 show. Having appeared in high-fashion advertising, the cats would go on to star in fashion calendars, many a fashion spread, and persist on the runway. For the upcoming fall season, no label did cats better than Givenchy, which offset sheer panels with the vicious glares and drooling fangs of illustrated panthers. Lending her vicious glare and drooling fangs to the ad campaign — becoming a cat in the true method sense — is Naomi Campbell, who may just be the sexiest, best crazy cat lady of all time. You can watch some mildly amusing video footage of her and the other campaign models making cat faces over at And see more campaigns from the fall 2011 season in our comprehensive slideshow.

Exclusive: Naomi Campbell For Givenchy’s Fall ‘11 Campaign []