Do Women Take So Long in Dressing Rooms Because They’re Actually CRYING in There?


Oh, the complexities of being a woman! When we're not trying on all our clothes, or thinking about buying clothes, or wishing we could fit into our old clothes, we're probably crying. Crying because someone got engaged, or because we lost two pounds, or because the boyfriend forgot to put the dishes away and we were on our period — or maybe we were crying about our clothes. Yes, this is women: clothes, tears, hormones, more tears, more clothes. Why, we've all heard of retail therapy. Maybe you've even indulged in this pastime one day — a day you were crying — and been disappointed, and spent what should have been therapeutic Me Time crying in the changing room because the retail therapy didn't actually work. If Glamour and the Frisky are representative of women as a whole, we all cry in changing rooms! Usually because we feel fat, or are fat, or just balls to the wall insane, as the world knows women are.

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