Exclusive: Full-Length Mugler Men’s Campaign Video (NSFW)


In true Internet-marketing fashion, Nicola Formichetti has made a campaign video for his new Mugler menswear collection, chopped it up into photos and cryptic clips, and then sprinkled them around the web for bloggers to scrabble over. Our piece of the pie is this full-length version of the film, set to a soundtrack by Jessica 6, who also appears on-camera alongside a team of male models engaging in, well, a lot of things that involve ab-clenching. How does this relate to Formichetti's new collection? "I wanted to bring some of that excessive drama and the look of fantasy back to porn — to acknowledge something as over-the-top as Tinto Brass's Caligula ... With the explicit sex scenes left in," he says. "It is total fantasy ... these people are like Olympian athletes of sex." Well! Gold medals all around, then.

The menswear show takes place at 6 p.m. CEST today (that's noon in New York) and will include a surprise musical guest who is not Lady Gaga, although publicists can't say for sure if she'll show up or not. And in other news, an X-rated cut of this video will debut on XTube tomorrow.

Models: Matthieu Charneau, Travis Cannata (Ford D), Esmir Redzepagic (Red), Alex Eroe (Request), Peter Pagan, Justin Barnhill (Click), Ellie Ross (One Management), and Nomi Ruiz of Jessica 6.
Director: Branislav Jankic
Soundtrack: Franz Schubert's Piano Trio No 2 in E flat major, and Jessica 6's "White Horse," Mugler exclusive remix.