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Forbes Thinks Gisele Could Become ‘the World’s First Billionaire Supermodel’

In addition to being stunning, happily married to a hot football player, and the mother of an adorable baby with a normal name, Gisele is rich, obviously. We don't need the Forbes annual, essentially unchanging list of the world's top-earning models to figure that much out. But Forbes has taken their coverage of Gisele's wealth — which has put her at the top of the Forbes rich-models list for seven years in a row — one silly step further, proclaiming she could be "the world's first billionaire supermodel" and "the first Brazilian female self-made billionaire."

Forbes gives a rundown of Gisele's major earnings and assets. She rakes in a load from her skin-care, flip-flops, and lingerie lines: 25 million pairs of her Ipanema flip-flops were sold last year alone, putting the brand on par with Havianas, Forbes says, while her lingerie line for Brazilian chain Hope could add $19 million to her paycheck annually, according to a Brazilian newspaper. Her real estate assets, including her homes and a hotel in Brazil, are also valuable, obviously.

But how much can Forbes really know about how much Gisele is worth? Reports of her earnings are merely reports, unconfirmed by Gisele and her people, many guessed by Forbes reporters themselves. Gisele told GQ in 2008 that Forbes had wildly overestimated her salary; she may have been motivated to downplay her earnings for tax and personal-image purposes, but Forbes can only know so much when most of the figures are not made public. It's also not impossible that Gisele's agents gave some tips — possibly exaggerated ones — to Forbes to make her seem incredibly, incredibly wealthy so they look good (but also not likely — it's hard to imagine her agents telling reporters anything about her bank account). Also, it's hard for anyone to say definitively how much a celebrity like Gisele is really worth. Who knows if she even knows? The woman is surely a millionaire — who cares about a few extra million here and there?

And honestly, is anyone more interested in her paycheck than her diet and workout routine? That's the real money article on this woman.

Could Supermodel Gisele Bundchen Be On Track To Becoming a Billionaire? [Forbes]

Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

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