Gareth Pugh’s Makeup Line for MAC; Jared Leto’s New Ad for Hugo Boss

• Model Caroline Forsling is suing Esteé Lauder for $2 million for using an unretouched close-up of her face as the "before" image in an ad for the brand's Plantscription moisturizer. She claims the photo was taken when she attended a casting for a hair-care product shoot and wasn't authorized for anything else. [NYDN]

• And in other (happier) Esteé Lauder model news, here's Constance Jablonski in an ad for the company's Skin Illuminator cream. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

• Among the skin-care tips Vogue offers for post-sunburn recovery is simply to take an Ibuprofen. [Vogue Daily]

Gareth Pugh is launching a full line of makeup in partnership with MAC this November. [Beauty Counter Blog]

• Here's a necklace made from shiny fake nails. Make of it what you will. [Nylon]