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Neon-Hair Chameleon Chris Benz Offers Hair-Care Tips

Chris Benz popped into Saks last week to help promote a new canvas tote bag for the summer season he's created in collaboration with Lancôme. And because it should be standard protocol when talking to someone with a highlighter-pink dye job, we spoke to him in detail about his oft-changing, perennially neon hair. Some tips for the neon-inclined:

So, what's up with the neon hair?
I don’t know. I had a moment of clarity the other day, and it was like, well, I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t have any piercings, either; I feel like it’s not permanent, so I can just change it again and again. Even as a kid I had different weird hairstyles — I was like, I want a flattop now … I want shaved sides, a bowl, and I want stripes shaved into the side. It was just my one thing that I kept doing.

That’s cute. Who does it for you?
My friend Michael, who owns Mudhoney hair salon. I go to the one on Kenmare Street, and they’re great. Everyone that works there is so cool — they’re all tattooed and rock-and-roll.

Hair-care tips, please.
So, to keep the color, I re-overdye it pink once a week every time I wash my hair, and you have to mix hair color into your conditioner to keep it bright. You have to keep touching it up. And I try to not walk in the sun for hours and hours and hours, or it’ll be bleached out in weird ways, like all the tips will get white.

And is it Manic Panic?
Yes! And I noticed Manic Panic follows me on Twitter now, so they’ll be tweeting at me.

Have you noticed, of all the colors you’ve tried, that one is more fun than others?
I love pink right now. I was getting bored with trying to do foils with all the different colors. Because when I had it multicolored, I had to do foils and bleach everything to white and foil each color. I just was like, just bleach the whole thing and let’s do one color. But I like pink for now. It’s so fun. I feel like everyone should dye their hair a weird color. If you hate it, you can just dye it back.

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