Heidi Klum Uses Her Own Sexiness to Sell Project Runway; Hilarious Pippa Middleton Gossip Floods Tabloids

Heidi Klum got naked for the ad campaign for the new season of Project Runway, premiering July 28. Guest judges include Kim Kardashian, who knows tons about fashion, you know, along with Malin Akerman, Christina Ricci, and Zoe Saldana. [Ok!]

• An inflatable union rat went up outside the D&G and M Missoni stores on West Broadway yesterday, protesting "a substandard company" hired to perform "deadly asbestos abatement." [Racked NY]

• Shares in Prada's IPO "rose slightly" on the Hong Kong stock exchange on Friday. [WWD]

• Two weeks ago, Karl Morrall was working at a supermarket in Liverpool. Then he got discovered by modeling agents and booked an exclusive walking Prada this season — and all the dreams he never knew he had came true. [Daily Mail UK]

• Because this is from a low-rent British tabloid it is most likely a lie — but still amusing: "Usher is ready to break the bank to hire posh babe Pippa Middleton for his undies empire." [Daily Star UK]

• The producers of a Jersey Shore-esque British reality TV show called The Only Way Is Essex are in talks to design a related clothing line. [Daily Mail UK]