Here Is Emma Watson’s Vogue Cover [Updated]


The July cover of Vogue leaked on Fashin on Saturday (it was officially posted on later this morning), and what's more, the leaked image had some extraneous text scrawled in Sharpie above the "Beauty News" headline (see below Emma Watson's left earlobe). This begs speculation that the person who leaked the cover and the person who so irreverently wrote on it are one and the same. Could it be the usual culprit, a disgruntled intern? A wronged employee with access to Condé Nast's servers? Or perhaps it's the Fashion Hacker, back for one final coup. In other news, Emma's wearing this Prada dress from the fall 2011 collection.

hmmm irl [Fashin]
Update: The cover and its accompanying story are now up on; we've replaced the leaked version with the real one in this post.