Hussein Chalayan Is Adding a Diffusion Line, Dropping ‘Hussein’; LVMH Is Allowing the Public Into Their Factories

Hussein Chalayan is dropping his first name from his label, so it’ll now be known as just Chalayan. “Now people can focus on one word. On a graphic level, it’s much clearer and easier to remember.” He’s also adding a diffusion line. [WWD]

• Canadian Elle has Herieth Paul on the cover, with the tagline “Naomi … Move Over!” This probably won’t end well. [Fashin]

• LVMH will be holding two open house days this October, where members of the public can tour its factories and see the production of its merchandise. [Vogue Daily]

• Lauren Santo Domingo craved caviar when she was pregnant. (Of course.) “I was Googling it constantly to see if it was something that, you know, you shouldn’t eat. Somehow, there were more people Googling ‘crack while pregnant’ than ‘caviar’ on most Web sites.” [WWD]

• The Daily News is shocked and appalled that Hermès sells plain T-shirts for over $345. [NYDN]

• Here is a pair of reversible jeans. Great news indeed. [Frisky]