It’s James Middleton’s Turn for Publicity!

James, too, can shine, even when Pippa is standing next to him and obviously hung over the day after the royal wedding. Photo: Ian Gavan/GP/2011 Ian Gavan/GP

The brother of a British newly wed princess can't be out of the fashion press for long these days, when every photo of his sisters, Kate and Pippa, feels more used than women at New York nightclubs. With photos of James Middleton in drag floating around the Internet, otherwise known as the most scandalous thing about the Middleton family aside from that bizarre drug-lord uncle, and his unremarkable yet unoffensive style, Menswear calls him "the Fabulous Baker Boy," anointing him a "style icon":

He has unwittingly become an object of gay men’s admiration, although he has never publicly confirmed—or even discussed—his own sexual preferences. And having no date at the wedding only fueled the speculation.

Although he has been described in the British press as “flamboyant,” Middleton’s clothing preferences are typically Sloaney, or English preppy. He pairs blue blazers or dark chalk-stripe jackets with stripy or checked dress shirts and jeans. He sometimes sports stubble, and has been known to incorporate a dash of eccentricity—such as green suede car shoes— into his decidedly traditional wardrobe.

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