So, About That John Malkovich Clothing Line

Photo: Stefania D'Alessandro/2011 Getty Images

Yesterday, several blogs reported breathlessly that John Malkovich is starting a men's clothing line, Technobohemian, but it turns out the label has been around for several years. It launched quietly in fall 2006, according to Ivana Callahan, the store manager at Upper East Side boutique Blue Tree. "We've carried it on and off for about four years," she said over the phone today. "It's ties and T-shirts. People buy them often as gifts." The store got wind of the label because Malkovich is friends with Blue Tree's owner, actress Phoebe Cates. "Not many people know that he designs clothing," Callahan explained. "It hasn't gotten very much press. I'm not sure why people are just finding out now."