Mickey Boardman Is Leery of Doing a Reality TV Show

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/2011 Getty Images

Paper editor Mickey Boardman, who was honored for his philanthropic work at last night's Pay It Fashion Forward ceremony, has a soft spot for fellow do-gooder Oprah. "Oprah’s network is all about people coming together and hugging it out, saying things like, ‘I’m listening and I hear you, and what I think you’re telling me is …’ You know, that kind of thing, very therapy," he explained. He particularly favors The Judds ("I cried through every episode") and Finding Sarah: From Royalty to Reality. Would he ever do a reality show of his own? Probably not, he says, although he's been approached about it. “The general concept of a reality show is to entertain people with your hideousness. We all have a little hideousness, and we all have a little fabulousness. I like to think that I might be less hideous than some of the Real Housewives, but, you know, people are filming you constantly, so they’re going to catch embarrassing moments.”