News Flash: Men Care About Their Weddings, Too


You know what weddings are full of? Flowers, usually; tulle, quite possibly; unlimited free booze, hopefully; psychos, definitely. In modern times the wedding has become the domain of the psycho, popularly called a "zilla" thanks to reality-TV wedding shows about "bridezillas" that exploit nutty and eccentric altar-bound ladies. Today, Good Morning America looked at the bridezilla's alter-psycho, the "groomzilla." The groomzilla is a man who — oh, heavens, this is so FEMME of him — cares about his wedding and helps his future wife plan it. The groomzilla goes to the table-setting appointment, and looks at the flower-arrangement options, and says he doesn't want any frippery cascading down his cake. He might arrange a scotch tasting for him and his bros at the wedding, or order a Ferrari to speed away in, instead of a limo.

"Do real men plan weddings?" the GMA reporter asks one so-called groomzilla. Yes, real men plan weddings. You know why? Because weddings are the most expensive day in a couple's life, and whether or not the bride and groom are paying for it themselves (increasingly, they are), of course they want to have input! Everyone at the wedding may care infinitely more about the bride and how she looks and if she can walk and dance in her dress, but if there are two truths about weddings they are: one, that grooms are more often than not in denial about their own significance; and two, that not all of them are planned by insane people.