Newsweek Fantasizes About How Princess Diana Would Feel About Kate Middleton Today


If the late princess were alive, she'd be 50 this month. And with Kate Middleton off to Canada on Thursday (!!!), Kate Middleton still the most interesting story in the world to droves of people, and Newsweek crawling back from a near-death experience, editor Tina Brown's cover story about what life would be like for Diana today is just what the magazine needs and the world wants. Brown, author of a book about Diana, writes that Diana would have been worried about her "rivals," such as Queen Rania of Jordan, seeing her "beauty, youth, and social conscience as a triple threat that should be watched." As for Carla Bruni, "after some initial competitiveness ... she’d have probably bonded with her at the G20 dinner over ways to dodge Berlusconi."

Diana at 50 [Newsweek]