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Read Today’s Massive Marc Jacobs Interview From WWD in Eight Short Quotes

On Monday evening, Marc Jacobs will collect his Lifetime Achievement award at the CFDAs, the fashion industry's Oscars. So he's doing some press, even though he's publicly admitted he's just not into the CFDA and its accolades. "I just didn’t want to be part of their reindeer games," he once said of a CFDA meeting he attended while he was working for Perry Ellis. Of course he went on to win many awards from the council, not that those excite him much: "I only go to the CFDAs because if I don’t go, Anna Wintour calls up and says, ‘You have to go because you’re part of the American fashion industry, da da da da da,’ and you can’t say no to her." Ha! WWD's Bridget Foley sat down with Marc to discuss his life and achievements in advance of the big ceremony on Monday. To save you the trouble of reading the whole, long thing, enjoy it here in eight short quotes.

1. On winning such an esteemed honorary trophy at the CFDAs this year:
"[W]hen I think of Lifetime Achievement, the first thing that comes to my mind is some venerable actor who hasn’t been in a movie in 30 years whom the Academy is honoring; Lifetime Achievement seems quite final to me. I [prefer to look at it] as an “In-the-Process-of Award."

2. On his current ubiquity and success, which includes getting frequently recognized (and praised) by fans on the plane, on the street, in airport duty-free shops:
"I can’t help but remember the days when Robert [Duffy, Marc's business partner] and I were interviewed for ‘48 Hours’ [in 1988]. Robert was building a runway. I’m vomiting in the bathroom because we hadn’t slept in three days and we were delirious and hallucinating. So none of that ever goes away. "

3. On whether he considers himself a "great talent":
"No. I still wouldn’t say I am ... I don’t mind if you say it but I’m not going to say it myself."

4. On whether fashion is "art":
"You have to get into defining art, which I just think is pretentious."

5. On the resources he gets from LVMH to put on extravagant Louis Vuitton shows, such as the last one inspired by The Night Porter:
"If you look at our first Vuitton show, we wanted to send out a nice collection of simple clothes with all the logos on the inside and one single bag on Kirsten Owen. It has evolved into, ‘OK, this is Paris. Let’s have three elevators.’ I asked for six; I got three. So we’re like, ‘Let’s get Kate Moss, Naomi. Let’s fly in Stella. Let’s fly in Carolyn and Amber.’ You want a show? Okay guys, I’ll give you a show."

6. And more on that show:
"I’ve spent the past two weeks, which is superpremature, thinking that I don’t know what we’re going to do to top that last Vuitton show. I thought it was the most beautiful presentation."

7. On whether fashion people "overreact":
"That’s just the nature of it. You are dealing with a whole lot of highly sensitive people who [will react] depending on their mood and how they’re feeling that day or what they did or didn’t eat for lunch. I have no problem going on record with this and probably have gone on record with this before, there aren’t that many people who I respect. There just aren’t. I think journalists have the right to their opinions but I think their opinions should be based on history and what they see, not what they feel, how long they’ve been waiting or whether it’s raining or it’s snowing or whatever."

8. On whether those overreactive fashion people's opinions really matter, anyway:
"I think it breaks momentum or a sort of energy when there’s harsh criticism, and I think when the critique is positive, we all feel quite robust and we’re out there. In that way, it has an effect. But in another, I think a woman’s going to go into a shop to find a coat or a jacket and I just don’t think she’s not going to go into a shop because of a bad review she probably didn’t even read."

Bridget Foley's Diary: Q&A With Marc Jacobs [WWD]

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