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Reports: John Galliano Is Still in Rehab But Expected at His Trial This Week

Ousted Christian Dior designer John Galliano is expected to attend his trial for "public insults" in Paris on Wednesday. Following his alleged anti-Semitic tirade at a café there in the winter, and getting fired from Dior, Galliano entered rehab, reportedly in Arizona. A source tells British Vogue Galliano is still in rehab: "The treatment will be long and arduous — and ongoing for a long time in the future — but he is humble, apologetic and hopeful that he can recover."

Since the trial is "minor," three judges will hear the case instead of a jury. The hearing is expected to last four to five hours, with witnesses from both sides testifying, probably including the couple that claims to be victims of Galliano's insulting remarks and has expressed sympathy for the designer following his downfall.

And the discussion of "how this could happen to John Galliano, of all designers" still has legs: Fashion writer Colin McDowell wondered in Sunday's London Times why Christian Dior didn't try to help Galliano sooner:

Galliano was the goose laying the golden eggs. Didn't anyone care enough for the future of Dior, and the unique position of couture, that his genius had helped to create, to try to help him out? Are we to believe that colleagues at all levels were too afraid to address the problem? Why was Galliano, vulnerable and drunk, possibly upset by some intractable design problem, allowed to wander Paris, alone, done up in a way that would immediately draw attention?

A source who worked under Galliano told McDowell, "He was put under impossible pressure, not only by the demands made by Dior, but also what he demanded of himself. John is a method designer, like a method actor. He doesn't just design a collection — he becomes the collection. He role-plays every part of it."

Galliano Trial [Vogue UK]

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