Tavi Blogged About Her Locker’s Contents in Her First Post on XOJane.com

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

It was inspired by those features about what celebrities carry in their bags, Tavi explains: "Unless you're Allison from The Breakfast Club, your bag is probably just a lot of basics. Why would it be anything else? Mine is no home to goldfish either. For one, by 'bag' I mean 'pockets.' For another, all they usually contain is my phone, some crumbs, and a blue New York Times bag for when I have to walk my dog. (To make this post more extreme/funny, I will tell you what the secret blue bag is for: POOP! Ha-ha! That was exhilarating.)" Guess Tavi's not old enough to actually overshare when she overshares. [XOJane.com]