The Beauty Queen Who Was Dethroned for Taco-Related Reasons Is Now Back in the Running for Miss Texas


Domonique Ramirez was stripped of her Miss San Antonio title this spring after a pageant official allegedly told her that she needed to "drop thirteen pounds" and "lay off the tacos." She took pageant organizers to court over the matter (they denied the taco incident and said she was dethroned for her tardiness and refusal to write thank-you notes), and a San Antonio judge restored her crown on March 24. But then there remained the awkward issue of what to do with the Miss San Antonio runner-up, Ashley Dixon, who replaced Ramirez when she was ousted. This is actually not a problem at all, because pageant officials can make up new titles whenever they want, so they crowned Dixon Miss Bexar County, which is only slightly less impressive-sounding and still allows her to run for the Miss Texas title. So both Dixon and Ramirez will be running against each other! And probably not eating any tacos at all.

Compromise reached in pageant dispute [Jezebel]
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