What Kate Middleton Should Wear on Her First Tour Overseas As a Royal


At this very moment, Kate Middleton is probably pacing back and forth in some plush royal palace suite, agonizing over just what to wear on her forthcoming tour of Canada and California. It's her first official overseas trip as a proper royal, it starts tomorrow (squeal!), and, crucially, she's not bringing a stylist. That means she'll be dressing herself 40 times over, because, yes, she'll reportedly need 40 outfits for the eleven days she's on this continent.

Fortunately, and in case you haven't noticed, we're quite big fans of Kate and her wardrobe, so we thought we'd offer some suggestions and have come up with quite the capsule collection to see her through the eleven days' worth of trips, excursions, and frolicking with Wills (and their surprisingly small entourage). With only a couple of exceptions, we've kept our choices exclusively from this past season's runways (even though Kate recycles her outfits, she'll surely want to come across as all fashion-forward and on-trend) and from British designers, too, for the most part, or those showing their lines at London's Fashion Week. Because, you know, if you don't champion your own country's design work, things can get kind of messy. See the looks in the slideshow.