How The Wall Street Journal’s Tina Gaudoin Turned Her Teenage Sons Into Designer-Loving ‘Monsters’


In her latest column for The Wall Street Journal, Tina Gaudoin lists the perils of being a fashion-worshipping mother to two boys. First off, somewhat oddly, is her low weight, which she defends as genetic but infers to be related to her job (as if all naturally thin people are automatically drawn to the fashion industry?):

I will concede that it was never going to be easy being the sons of a mother interested in fashion. My boys were certainly not backward in coming forward on the matter. When children are in junior school, I suppose it is inevitable that they would draw comparisons between their own mother and others at the school gates. I never imagined, though, that I might hear the question: "Mum, why are you thinner than everyone else?" (Answer: "It's my body type, sweetie." Rejoinder: "Well, it's not very nice.")

When Fashion Is in the Genes [WSJ]