Are Personal-Style Blogger Moms the New Stage Moms?

Meet 3-year-old Maple.

Taking pictures of oneself wearing outfits and posting them on the Internet is a downright pedestrian pastime for many fashion-inclined young adults idling away their last year of high school — where they just don't fit in — or college, hoping they can become the next Fashion Toast rather than enter the more regular workforce. As awareness of the personal-style blogger phenomenon — and Tavi — rises, the age of the Internet's hopeful new style-stars decreases. There's 11-year-old Milo Munshin, who runs (hopefully the "Purple" title does not draw any inspiration from the fashion nudie magazine Purple run by Olivier Zahm). There's also 3-year-old Maple, whose mom, Grace Damien, takes pictures of her to post on the blog, making readers wonder which came first, the baby name or the URL. In an age when so many parents would have anything up on the Internet rather than photos of their young kids, she enthuses on the site, "although i buy her clothes, she dresses herself." Ruth la Ferla, writing for the Times, wonders "where it all will end" for these children.

Several Sizes Too Small [On the Runway/NYT]