Bedbugs Descend on Ideeli’s Soho Offices [Updated]


Will this summer belong to the bedbugs as it did last year? While they spawn like crazy in the FANTASTIC-FEELING heat and retailers around the city hopefully contemplate preventative measures — and shoppers around the city who are anywhere near as terrified of bedbugs as us contemplate protective bedbug suits — the vermin have struck at least one major target. A source close to the situation tells us online retailer Ideeli was recently forced to close down an entire floor of its Soho offices to combat a bedbug invasion. For tips on shopping safely in the all-too-scary summer season, see here. Update: Though Ideeli was treated for bedbugs, a rep for the company claims no bedbugs were found in the office: "After a potential issue surfaced through our standard quality control processes, we responded immediately - shut down our photo studio, brought in detection experts, and treated suspected areas."