Best Bet: Kiehl’s Oil-Free Collection


From 90-degree heat to stifling subway platforms, summer weather begets breakouts and shiny skin. Happily, Kiehl’s just released a new oil-free collection to guard against clogged pores and skin flare-ups. The range includes a cleanser, toner, daily moisturizer, and concentrated gel cream. The paraben-, silicone-, and fragrance-free products go a step beyond their drugstore counterparts, packed with natural ingredients like lemon extract, imperata cylindrica root extract, cucumber extract, and vitamin E to soothe sweat-clogged skin and tamp down excess oil — so you won’t have to keep layering on the powder. Our top picks from the line are the cleanser and lightweight lotion. The former gives skin a squeaky-clean feel — but without a tight or flaky effect — and the latter keeps skin sufficiently moisturized without melting off your face.

Ultra Facial Oil-Free Collection, $16 to $24.50 each at Kiehl’s or online.