Beyoncé Explores Wedding Fashion in Her New Video


Beyoncé's new video for "Best Thing I Never Had" includes a shockingly low number of outfit changes. This being a Beyoncé video, the bustier is the center of it all, figuring into two of the four looks: her wedding lingerie, which she wears to open the video, and her wedding dress, which she wears in a meadow as she prepares for her wedding. Hell, Kate Moss had more outfits in her wedding than Beyoncé does in this video, which has been compared to bad Victoria's Secret and David's Bridal commercials. So it might be more low-budget than "Run the World," but it's still true to Beyoncé, who has never hidden her love of wearing underwear or wedding dresses. And she hasn't done that much with see-through bustiers, so that's ... an evolution for her, maybe. But the best part of the whole video is not even that or her Princess Leia buns.

Or you can save a little time and just watch this.