Carla Bruni Confirms That She’s Pregnant (Sort Of)

Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, and an unobscured baby bump. Photo: PacificCoastNews

Here's an English translation of Carla Bruni's interview with French newspaper Nice Matin: "[My private life] is a source of great happiness for me, but after all, it's banal and the people [of France] have plenty of problems, so it would be inappropriate to talk about it. We are already so media-exposed ... There are things that we keep secret." On her summer plans: "For me, the days are full of resting, really. In my state, it's an incredible opportunity to stay here [the presidential retreat at Fort de Brégancon] instead of the city." [Nice Matin via HuffPo] Earlier: Carla Bruni Looked Very Pregnant at the Beach This Weekend