Katie Holmes’s Hair Has Gray Streaks; Michael Kors on His Least Favorite Smell

A Chanel look up close. IMAXTREE/MATTEO VOLTA

• The makeup from the Chanel couture show incorporated the brand's Vitalumière Aqua foundation and Illusion d’Ombré eye shadow. [Beauty Counter/Style]

• And here's another guide to the ethereal braids and blush from Valentino's couture runways. [Beauty Counter/Style]

• Illamasqua has reportedly partnered with a British funeral director to offer a special makeup session for the deceased. The package, which will cost around $700, is called the "Final Act of Self-Expression." [Catwalk Queen]

• Jennifer Lopez says she wears each of her seventeen fragrances "based on how I am feeling at a particular moment or on a particular day." That could get kinda messy, scent-wise, if she's ever feeling ... moody. [StyleList]