Claudia Schiffer Covers Vogue Germany; Lily Allen Angered by Rumors About Her Boutique

Claudia Schiffer on German Vogue.

• Here’s Claudia Schiffer looking stunning on the cover of German Vogue. []

• Lily Allen is closing her Lucy in Disguise store in Covent Garden and opening a new one in a different area of London in August. When rumors spread that Allen's business was struggling, she issued a prickly response via Twitter: "If any other publication wants to write deliberately misleading articles about Lucy in Disguise, feel free, I WILL sue you." [Vogue UK]

HuffPo blogger Larry Block is very grumpy about all the attention Kate Middleton’s wardrobe has been receiving lately: “Fed by the news media, our fascination and reverence for celebrities has reached shameless heights. But when you add the element of royalty to the mix, celebrity worship can take off into the stratosphere, triggered even by an item as seemingly mundane as a dress. This leaves me wondering -— and angered — over what is happening to us and our priorities.” [HuffPo]

• And because you definitely care: Kate Middleton’s favorite color is white. [Jezebel]

Isaac Mizrahi says he is as good at making ice cream as he is at designing clothes. [Racked]

• Here’s Lauren Conrad talking about her new clothing line, Paper Crown. [Teen Vogue]