Some People Are Really Obsessive About Snipping Off Their Clothing Labels

The offenders.

For most folks, scratchy or weirdly-placed clothing labels are not a big deal, as they can be snipped off and disposed of without much fuss. But for other people, particularly those interviewed for an article in today's Times, these tags are an epic tribulation. Leave them on and you risk a "distressing" situation like having "strangers, or your mother-in-law, tuck them back in for you." But their removal can be equally traumatic, especially when they are printed with fancy designer names or when the thought of a ragged label stub on your sweater is just too much to bear. If you suffer from these anxieties, you are not alone.

Leah Missbach Day, a 52-year-old photojournalist from Chicago, cuts out all of her tags but does not dispose of them.

[She] likes designer labels like Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Dries Van Noten. But not next to her skin. “I cut them out because they’re scratchy and they bug me,” she said. “I’ve got a whole drawer full of tags.”

Taking the Scissors to Annoying Labels [NYT]