Contestants in the Miss England Pageant Had to Make Themselves Dresses Out of Recycled Materials

Trashy outfits indeed. Photo: Jonathan Short/AP2011

The 2011 Miss England contest is taking place tonight, and in addition to the obligatory over-the-top pageant gowns, the 64 contestants will have to wear outfits they've made themselves. What's more, in a Project Runway–style twist, these homemade looks must be created entirely from recycled materials. Some particularly creative examples: Miss Essex used an umbrella to fashion a voluminous skirt; Miss Middlesex hung forks and spoons from black netting — she made a matching fan too! — and Miss South Yorkshire made a corset out of the boxes that tea bags come in (she also sewed actual tea bags to her skirt). Let's hope the new Miss England breaks out her outfit again at this year's Miss World contest in November, and better still, let's hope it becomes a required part of the proceedings at all pageants in the future. (Although it's maybe not quite as awe inspiring as yodeling ventriloquism.)

Got nothing to wear? Raid the dustbin... Miss England contestants walk the catwalk in outfits made from rubbish [Daily Mail UK]