Elements of NBC’s Reality Show Fashion Star Not Entirely Real

Elle Macpherson

The upcoming Project Runway knockoff series Fashion Star on NBC, hosted by Elle Macpherson, pits designers against each other in a contest to see who can design the best clothes for regular people. Forget about pushing fashion forward on a runway — this is about normal clothing that could go in your underwear drawer, or possibly even be sold at Macy's from within the confines of a plastic bag. Viewers can even vote online on the products they like and would potentially buy. Having casted John Varvatos, Nicole Richie, and Jessica Simpson as "celebrity mentors" (even though Varvatos is a designer in the true sense of the word, not just a name with a clothing line), producers recently hired some buyers to judge the competition. But this being reality television and, by definition, many other adjectives could describe it before "real," things aren't always what they seem.