Getting to Know the Kim Kardashian Look-alike Old Navy Model


Apparently Melissa Molinaro — whose casting in an Old Navy ad campaign has prompted Kim Kardashian to sue the brand for allegedly costing her millions — is a burgeoning singer, which we learned from her Twitter feed. She caught our attention when she put up this amusing post last week about the lawsuit: "Were still talking about this?! Its JULY this aired in February ... some people have too much time on there hands. [sic]" Anyway, the girl doesn't just idle around waiting for her next opportunity to plug a product. Her YouTube videos reveal she really is like a Kim Kardashian — who does something! (Sing! Dance!) Watch her perform a song in the video. How could she not get famous with the lawsuit blowing her up and Kim Kardashian publicly fretting over her?

Melissa Molinaro/Twitter