Jennifer Lopez Debuts Two Astounding Additions to Her Jumpsuit Arsenal

Jennifer Lopez.

The world calls her J. Lo. At The Cut, she's become fondly known as "Jumpsuit Lo," for her remarkable gravitation toward jumpsuits for any and every occasion. She could be casually walking around Monaco, performing a concert, or going to a game, and if there's a jumpsuit to be worn, she will wear it in every kind of latex, corduroy, pattern, texture, and metal oxidation possible. The promotional shots for her forthcoming single "(What Is) Love?" (also: What is with parentheses in song titles?) reveal two new and innovative jumpsuit additions. First up is a (blue glitter lace-up) number that laughs in the face of panties and thighs that are mushy enough to pucker through things this tight.

That's got to hurt! Curvy Jennifer Lopez pours herself into a very tightly laced PVC body-stocking [Daily Mail UK]
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