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Karl Lagerfeld: ‘I’m Not Like Those Designers Who Think They Are Pressed Too Much’

Karl Lagerfeld pooh-poohs the popular notion that today's fashion industry forces designers to overextend themselves:

I'm not like those designers who think they are pressed too much, that their creativity is so fragile. It's very simple, no? Don't take the job if you think you cannot do it. Bad football players do not play in the first league. Swimmers who cannot really swim never win. I mean, you have to know if you can do this kind of sport on that level. If not, forget about it. But you cannot expect people to cry about you, that you are so overworked, so pressed. Nobody presses me.

It helps that he does all his work — a dozen runway shows between Fendi and Chanel, plus ad campaigns, books, and styling jobs — extremely quickly. For example, he made the 30-minute-long film for his Chanel cruise collection in only three days, because he just makes everything up as he goes along. "I write the dialogue in my mind and I tell them in the minute what to say," he explained to Imagine Fashion. "Everything I do is improvisation. But I am a very professional improvisor."


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