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Nicola Formichetti and Some of Lady Gaga’s Outfits Will Make Personal Appearances at the NICOLA Fashion Week Pop-Up Shop

Mugler creative director and stylist to Lady Gaga (or "Lady Bra-Bra" if you're WWD) Nicola Formichetti was recently in New York doing a shoot at Milk Studios for Japanese Men's Vogue. In addition to dressing Gaga, which must be a time-and-a-half job in itself, Formichetti still styles for a bunch of magazines, travels endlessly (he's on his second passport this year alone), and is planning a pop-up shop for our fair land of Manhattan. He spoke to Milk Made about how wonderful it will be:

I can tell you this, the theme for Vogue Hommes Japan was freedom fighters, Greek gods meet boxers, and for Modern China Weekly I wanted to present 12 young designers from China, which I will be showcasing in my pop-up store NICOLA’s in New York from September 8 - 21 on 57 walker street in Tribeca. I will have cool stuff from Japan, young designers, Uniqlo, a performance space. As well as creations that I did for Mugler, Lady Gaga, etc.. Also I’m launching my own brand next year, so there will be a sneak preview of what’s coming up in the future for that. So please come and visit me. I will be in and out of the store all the time.

So go! Go make friends with Nicola while looking at the very clothes Lady Gaga sweated on! Also: his own brand? Maybe you can get him to tell you about that. And maybe you can tattoo your entire body before you do so and drop hints that you'd like to be his next muse. You know: "So you should really see how this new sleeve picks up light on camera..."


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