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Video: Wearing Prince William’s Wedding Suit on the Streets Amongst Plebeians

As part of a promotional visit organized by Custom Tailors and Designers Association, British tailoring company Kashket & Partners — Prince William's personal tailors — brought a replica of the snappy red Irish Guards jacket Wills wore to his wedding to this season's Designer Forum in New York. Obviously, I went to try it on.

I am not as skinny as the future British monarch, so perhaps I should have prepared for the occasion with one of Kate Middleton's many rumored diets, but after a few deep breaths, and possibly one cracked rib, I was at least half-buttoned in by Kashket's tailors. I also just managed to squeeze into the maroon sash with its jaunty tassels, but as I am not actually a member of the British army, I did not get any of the other medals or badges.

Made from very thick Scottish wool, the jacket is a heavy piece indeed, weighed down further by copious embroidery at the shoulders and cuffs. You wouldn't dare slouch in front of the queen, but in the jacket — cut very straight and unforgivingly — it's not really an option anyway. I certainly couldn't sit down, and the high ornamental collar made even turning my neck a bit difficult.

With two bodyguards from the tailors at my side, we hit the streets — in 90-degree weather — to see if people thought my look was more royal than marching band. See what happened in the video.

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