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Roberto Cavalli Thinks Being Straight ‘Maybe’ Makes Him a Better Womenswear Designer

Roberto Cavalli.

Roberto Cavalli was interviewed by Colin McDowell as part of a discussion series at Selfridges last night, where they talked about the rarity of straight male fashion designers.

RC: "In my planet, fashion, I'm the only straight man."
CM: "There's a few."
RC: "Who?"
CM: "Ralph Lauren, he's straight."
RC: "Are you sure?"

Cavalli thinks that being straight is an advantage with designing womenswear.

CM: "So, does being straight make you a better designer?"
RC: "Yes, maybe. Because I think of how I would like to have a woman close to me, in that moment. The femininity, the softness. Maybe, yes, anyway I'm happy as I am."

But of course, the lines do blur.

CM: "I think there must be a little bit of gayness in you, given the way you design for men."
RC: "I take that as a compliment. My first male fan was Lenny Kravitz, and I thought because of him, I have to design for men. In the evening every man looks the same. Like penguins. Women have a special dress for that event, men: the same tuxedo. I prefer to create for women. I think that women are more intelligent than men; that's why men have to be stronger. I really admire a woman for her intelligence, her personality, beauty is not enough."

Roberto Cavalli Exclusive [Vogue UK]

Photo: Tony Barson/WireImage

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