See Blake Lively’s Arm Tattoos; Kristen Stewart Smells Like Grass

Rugged. Photo: Clint Brewer / Splash News/?

• Blake Lively has been seen walking around with four fake tattoos for an upcoming role in Oliver Stone's Savages. [Us]

•, a site with user-generated reviews of various products, will launch in August. The “social beauty store” will enable users to fill out profiles detailing their skin, age, and concerns, while being informed about recommended products based on reviews from product focus groups with the site’s members. [NYT]

• Estée Lauder’s limited-edition pure-color liquid eyeliners, designed for creative makeup director Tom Pecheux’s Modern Mercury line, comes in colors like black quartz and silver zinc. [Beauty Counter Blog]

• These super-detailed false eyelashes, made out of paper, could get stuck in your eyes if you aren’t careful. Whatever you do, bat slowly. [Jezebel]

W magazine’s beauty director Jane Larkworthy shares beauty secrets with Refinery29, like this one: “I use body lotion in the gym locker-room as a pre-styling hair product (à la Silk Groom) and a post-styling smoother.” [Refinery29]