Emma Watson’s New Lancôme Campaign; Kia’s Nail-Polish Themed Car Commercial

Photo: Lancome

• Here are some behind-the-scenes images from Emma Watson's new campaign for Lancôme Trésor Midnight Rose perfume. [Daily Mail UK]

• And in more Emma Watson news (really, there's never enough): It's been confirmed that the star is a fan of Rambling Rose organic lip balm, which retails for only for $5. [Daily Mail UK]

• The full fall NARS makeup collection from is now available for purchase. It ranges from bright bold eyeshadow to moody earth-toned lip color. [Refinery29]

Yves Saint Laurent's new Perle lipstick collection, which contains a "micro-pearl" formula, comes in shades ranging from "incandescent orange" to "spellbinding violet." [Beauty Counter Blog]

• Denise Richards wore her hair extra wavy, which made the girls at Glamour’s beauty department very excited. [Glamour]