Here Is a Shoe That Looks Like a Coffee Pot

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Pictures must credit Kobi Levi
Here are shoes you can pour yourself into ? shaped like a coffee pot 
The high heels look just like the hot liquid being poured to create an eye-catching piece of fashion.
The shoes are the amazing work of  Israel-based designer Kobi Levi. 
They come in cream leather to give a formal porcelain effect to the jug and also in black as in the style of a jug used in a typical US diner.
OPS: American diner-style  coffee jug shoe by Kobi Levi
Shoes designed by Kobi Levi. Photo: Kobi Levi

It also looks a bit like the wearer stepped in dog poo. You know it's a slow news day when the Daily Mail is covering this kind of stuff. [Daily Mail UK]