Tavi Tells Ira Glass About Her Forthcoming ‘Website and Occasional Print Magazine’

Tavi at a Miu Miu event this month. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/2011 Getty Images

Tavi Gevinson was interviewed by Ira Glass of "This American Life" last night as part of a "Tribute to Sassy Magazine" performance at Littlefield, a hipster-y venue in Gowanus. As she'd promised on her blog, she gave some titillating information about a "top secret government project" she's working on (no, not her forthcoming book, or her contributions to xojane.com, or the new crown wall she's decorating in her room). This next venture is website called Rookie (not to be confused with her blog, Style Rookie), that will be sort of like an online magazine except it will sometimes come out in print. Behold, the cryptic details, as reported by the Village Voice:

Sounding very much like a teenager and clad in black shoes with ruffled white socks, Gevinson told the audience that each month of the website will be like a different issue of a magazine. Prompted by Glass, she discussed the aim of the project, and whether or not it is geared toward girls pegged as alternative, saying, "We don't want to preach to the choir." She paused: "To the converted."

"It will be subversive just in its honesty and the tone," she said.

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