Innocent Bystander Photographed Running Behind Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr

Photo: Kevin Mazur

As part of her new AOL lifestyle site, Heidi Klum is leading a "Summer Run" program. And here's a factoid to make you feel like a winner, since Heidi Klum's lifestyle site is all about you feeling like a winner: Since June 20, Klum has reportedly run, jogged, and/or speed walked over 89 miles. This morning she did a session with Michael Kors, and over the weekend fellow model Miranda Kerr joined her for a run and photo op, which is no big deal when you have the figures these two have, after having children and everything. Also, perhaps inadvertently, cashing in on this publicity stunt was a regular New Yorker also out for some exercise in the background. If anything's motivating, it has to be running behind those two. Props for pulling a cardio session on a hot Saturday afternoon anyway.