Video: Rachel Zoe Offers Her Unsurprising Thoughts on How Wonderful Kate Middleton Is When She Wears Clothes


This morning she went on Good Morning America to help sum up Kate's tour wardrobe. Calling her "flawless," Zoe says she admires how human she seems, with repeating outfits from time to time and wearing jeans and flats when she has to row boats, and whatnot. "She's wearing like three to four outfits a day — that's really hard to do," Zoe explains. "She's the most low-maintenance I can even imagine. I would love for her to be my client, but clearly she doesn't need a stylist; she's just flawless." The stylist would love to see her wear a white tuxedo. Can't see it happening, but we know as well as anyone how fun it is to dream.