Yes, Tavi Has a Book Deal, and Probably Another on the Way

Tavi interviewing Gwen Stefani for Teen Vogue. The life! Photo: Jennifer Livingston for Teen Vogue

Next week, Tavi is coming to town for what may as well be her version of summer camp: meetings with publishers! After a recent slumber party with writer Marisa Meltzer, 34, the two came up with a book proposal — in 'zine form, in true Tavi style — for a project called "Diary," about "the state of being a teenager."

Tavi, 15, for whom the state of being a teenager revolves around flying around the world to huge fashion events, like the Dior couture and Marc Jacobs shows, wearing designer clothes by Proenza Schouler and Rodarte, and working on a website and magazine with Jane Pratt, is already working on a coffee table book with Rizzoli, based on her Style Rookie blog. The "Diary" book she's shopping around sounds like it might be more varied and expansive.