Yes, Tavi Has a Book Deal, and Probably Another on the Way

Tavi interviewing Gwen Stefani for Teen Vogue. The life!

Next week, Tavi is coming to town for what may as well be her version of summer camp: meetings with publishers! After a recent slumber party with writer Marisa Meltzer, 34, the two came up with a book proposal — in 'zine form, in true Tavi style — for a project called "Diary," about "the state of being a teenager."

Tavi, 15, for whom the state of being a teenager revolves around flying around the world to huge fashion events, like the Dior couture and Marc Jacobs shows, wearing designer clothes by Proenza Schouler and Rodarte, and working on a website and magazine with Jane Pratt, is already working on a coffee table book with Rizzoli, based on her Style Rookie blog. The "Diary" book she's shopping around sounds like it might be more varied and expansive.