A Summer Camp Is Training Tweens to Steal Every Adult Job in the Fashion Industry

Hailee Steinfeld's Miu Miu ad. You know what this REALLY is? A depiction of all the kids in the suburbs hitching a ride to the big city to steal your jobs. That has to be it.

Are you 21 or older? Are you employed in the fashion industry? Have you considered finding a back-alley dealer for reverse growth hormones? Because you, who are not the hot young thing you think you are, and all of us who are not the hot young things we thought we were, are in very real danger of losing our salaried and freelance positions to the tweens. So they took over MTV — fine, we'll get by without watching the MTV Movie Awards. They pushed adult celebrities off magazine covers and out of major fashion campaigns — that's rough, but it's hard to feel bad for those celebrities. Tavi became a blogging superstar, taking up front row seats at couture shows and landing assignments in Harper's Bazaar and other big magazines. So fine, it's just her, there's not five of her, like there are Elle Fannings and Chloe Moretzes. But that could begin to change, thanks to a fashion summer camp for tweens.

Summer at Camp Couture [NYT]