Exclusive Video: TLC’s New Reality Series Big Sexy Documents the Plus-Size Modeling Industry


"People have this idea of the plus-size modeling industry that if you’re just fat and happy with a pretty face, you’ll be the next big thing," says Tiffany Bank, who stars on TLC's forthcoming three-part series, Big Sexy. "But because there are fewer opportunities for plus-size models, it's just as competitive as straight-size modeling, if not more so." She and four other plus-size women hope to prove this on the show, which they're touting as the first of its kind. Bank, who's worked as a plus-size fit model for years and occasionally books catalog work and plus-size spreads, explained what it's like to be told that her "butt is too big for fashion."

There have been lots of TV shows that portray the “real lives” of models. Is there a major difference between what straight-size models go through and what you do?
Honestly, there’s not. In the plus-size fashion industry, it’s just as competitive and the standards are just as high. You get measured, and there are size standards and a height-weight requirement.

Big Sexy premieres on Tuesday, August 30, at 10 p.m. ET.