Coco Rocha Couldn’t Move to Brooklyn, Planted a Vegetable Garden

Coco Rocha at the One Day premiere. Photo: Larry Busacca/2011 Getty Images

Apparently even having your apartment featured on isn't enough to move it in today's real estate market. At last night's New York premiere of One Day, Coco Rocha and her husband James Conran told us that they've had to put off their dream of moving to Brooklyn because they couldn't find a buyer for their current place. “We took it off the market just because we had so many showings, and we got tired of tidying up and getting out of the house,” Conran said. “So I think we’re here for the next year or so. We’re just going to enjoy living in Manhattan while we’re here, then maybe think about selling next spring.”

Rocha has taken steps to compensate for the lack of a backyard. “We’ve made a little garden on the terrace, so we’re sitting tight,” she said. She has planted vegetables, including green beans, jalapenos, peas, carrots, and lettuce. “We have nonstop tomato salads,” the model said, adding that the household duties are neatly divided. “I like to cook; he likes to clean. It works.”